Sunday, September 21, 2014

Into the Labyrinth

There is something about Labyrinth that just hits me wrong sometimes.

Like, it makes me SUPER moody. I don't know what it is, and it doesn't happen every time, but it... awakens something alien in me.

I know there's a story in here, if I could ever find the damned thing, but the way I write, and the way I get when it hits me... they just don't mesh.

I talk about some of my fey characters being alien - and it's true. From the perspective of the characters writing, there is nothing at home in those fey to talk to. But this... this is something different. Even if my narrating character doesn't get them, I've always been able to relate to my fey, to see where they're coming from, what makes them tick, how it's different than the human (or otherwise) perspective. But this place...

I don't know what it is, but something about Labyrinth is just magic.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Belly Dance Pretties

Woodland Arts Fair is tomorrow, and that means today was dress rehearsal! In honor of that, here's a bunch of (blurry) pix of all my lovely wraps and costumy whatnot. :)

This is my favorite of the newest ones - I love how it reminds me of the moon.
This is one is technically Caitlin's, and also "our" first wrap. :)

This one is my first wrap, and I love it so.

Some of you may recognize the headscarf from last year.

This coin belt... man, the things it does for my butt... yeah...

Another new one for this year. The red designs are subtle, but I kinda like that.

And this little lovely is for the ladies this year- ALL THE SHOULDER SHIMMIES!!!! 

I love this pashmina- I think it's just as pretty backwards... it is forwards.

This was last year's base hip scarf...

...and this is this year's.

Last but not least, my good and faithful head wrap base. This is the secret to not getting sweaty all over my makeup.

Woodland is TOMORROW!!!!!! XD

Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Solo Bake!

I'm a little over halfway through my baker training at Panera, and I worked my first shift by myself this morning. I'm REALLY happy with how all my bread turned out.
Country Miche
That one in the middle is pretty much perfect.

French Miche
These are both lovely. They might be my favorite out of the whole bake.

Three Cheese Miche
These smell SOOO good when they're baking, and I love the way the little bits of cheese brown up.

Sesame Semolina Miche
This is probably my favorite to eat. I love the nutty taste and the light texture.

Rye Miche
These are my favorite to score- I think they look like happy little owls!

Whole Grain Miche
These guys always seem too dark to me- which means I got them exactly right. I'm always baking too light.

Tomato Basil Xtra Large Loaf
These guys also smell lovely, and they turn the most lovely shade of orangey brown.

These guys are a little light though. But still tasty, and the crumb on top always browns up nicely so they're still looking pretty good. :)

All-Natural White Miche
I love how shiny these guys are! And they have a bad habit of bubbling, so I'm really happy mine didn't.
Pan Breads: Cinnamon Raisin, Honey Wheat and All-Natural White

My scores on these are AWESOME! IMHO. You have no idea how it is for me to score bread right.

Iced Shortbread Cookies, Flip-flop shaped
And I've always been insanely proud of my flip-flop cookies from the beginning. Piping skills for the win!